Tying An O-Ring Belt

“How to Tie A Ring Belt” CLICK HERE

If you have trouble with this link — try this one:
http://www.twinrosesdesigns.com/, and scroll down the page to find the tutorial.

Wide Green, Yellow and White Sash


Green, Yellow and White


  • Extra thick yarn
  • Inkle-woven sash
  • Mixed (cotton and other) yarns
  • 2-3/4 inches wide
  • 67 inches long
  • 4-inch tassels at sash ends


Cost:  $60.00 USD [this does include shipping cost]

Upcoming Festival – October 14-16th at Janney Furnace – Ohatchee, Alabama

Dave and I have a chance to participate in an upcoming Festival (Oct. 14-16th) at Janney Furnace – Ohatchee, Alabama.

We will have many unique gift items; including inkle woven sashes, necklaces, earrings and more.

I will be posting photos here — of some items which can be seen in our booth at the festival.

I will begin with a STRIPED SASH:

"Green Lightning"

Unique – Silken-Feel
100% Cotton – Striped Design
Woven On An Inkle Loom
100% Cotton Sash Belt, Multi-Color
One-Size – Handle with care, sew before breaking apart into smaller trim segments.
* 2″ wide – lengths vary on main woven section
* 4-5″ long braided tassels
NOTE: Photos of individual items will be added to later post /and/or can be emailed to you.
NOTE 2: There may be slight imperfections, this is part of the nature of hand-made items.

Hot Day

7 July 2010
One very hot day.
Dave and I delivered groceries to Mom; then headed back home.
Stopped at a few thrift/antique stores along the way.
Since getting in the AC, and starting to cool off, have been reading messages, and adding/correcting more items on my websites (somewhat set in havoc by my previous computer dying); as well as blogs, and misc. stuff.
Need to get things sorted out with this new laptop, get it behaving the way I want it; so I will be able to create a backup set of RECOVERY disks — then get Dave to set it for dual-boot (Windows 7 and Linux).
My head is pounding, so I won’t do much more for now.
How has your week been?
Would love to hear from my readers.
— Cathy

Death of a computer…a new beginning

(Take two…)
Attempted this post just but a few minutes ago — stepped away from the keyboard — came back the automatic Windows 7 update had re-started my computer. [growl!]
I lost all the text I had written (now have settings a bit different, to prevent this problem from occurring again) — I hate having to re-write things when software/OS updates cause me to lose them.
Now, where was I?
Ahhh, heck — I think I’ll do something else and come back to this post. There are things needing to be added, set-up; and yet to be test-driven on this computer.
I promise to return – soon.
“And to continue…”
— Cathy

William Reese Owsley III – Obituary | Anniston Star – Monday, 3 May 2010

William Reese Owsley III Obituary: View William Owsley’s Obituary by The Anniston Star

William Reese Owsley III
Funeral services for William Reese Owsley III, 44, of Franklin, Tenn., formerly of Anniston, will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday, May 4, 2010, at Parker Memorial Baptist Church with the Rev. Dr. Mack Amis, the Rev. Kevin Garrett and the Rev. Jim Thomas officiating. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery with K. L. Brown Memory Chapel directing services.

Alabama Governor – Joseph Forney Johnston

National Governors Association

Alabama Governor Joseph Forney Johnston
Born: March 23, 1843
Died: August 8, 1913
Birth State: North Carolina
Party: Democrat
Family: Married Theresa Virginia Hooper; three children

Periods in Office: From: December 1, 1896
To: December 1, 1900

State Web Site

Higher Office(s) Served: Senator

War(s) Served: Civil War

JOSEPH FORNEY JOHNSTON, Alabama’s 30th governor, was born in Lincoln County, North Carolina, on March 23, 1843, to Dr. William and Nancy Johnston. He was educated in public schools, and moved in 1860 to Talladega, Alabama, where he attended high school. In 1861, Johnston enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private, served as captain of the 12th North Carolina Infantry, and was wounded in four battles.